13 reasons why being an Entrepreneur is awesome

Most business owners and enthusiasts agree on one thing – being an entrepreneur is awesome. Why? Well, everyone has their own story about why they decided to start a business. Some comes up with an idea while being employed and working for someone else, while some knows that they are going to take the big step from the day one.


Why someone choose to be an entrepreneur? There could be any number of reasons someone decides to take the big step towards entrepreneurship. Here is a list of 13 reasons, in no particular order, why I think entrepreneurship is awesome.

1. Being in charge


You are the Boss of you and your business, so you get to decide everything. You are the one to decide the goals, you get to decide what you should do and how your future would be, there won’t be anyone looking over your shoulder. You’ll be the inspiration to many.

2. Innovation

Great Idea

Necessity is the fuel of innovation. Entrepreneurs think of great ideas to overcome common to complex challenges of the society. Be it may a daily activity or complex technological problem, the ideas an entrepreneur develop will bring change to many.


3. Time is in your hands

Time is Money


Everybody knows the Time is Money, the amount of time you put into anything will turn into an asset to you at some point, business is no different. As oppose to employment, your time is yours to manage. You can choose what time to work, what time to spend with family. How well you manage your time determines your success as a person and as an entrepreneur.

4. Being positive is the key

Positivity is the key

Veteran entrepreneurs always keep a positive vibe around them. They have the god sent attitude that everything will be alright and focus on the positives. Staying positive and hopeful about the process irrespective of the result will make you go a long way and entrepreneurs know this very well.

Be positive

5. Leaving a Legacy

Start up

Every entrepreneur thinks of their business like their brainchild, living, breathing, crying, laughing and can outlive them. This is a part of their legacy, the one that stands to tell their story every after they are gone. The brands you create from the start up, the innovations you do, the problem you’ve solved will be passed on to future generations.

6. Give life to your dreams


Everyone has dreams, but only few can make it a reality. One can dream about becoming financially independent or being a boss of yourself or innovating something new, whatever the dream might be the will to act on it, is what separates entrepreneurs from others.

7. Overcome the fear of unemployment

Good vs Bad

There is always good and bad in this world. Given all the uncertainties there is no telling whose jobs are safe and who is at risk. Companies are hiring and firing in large numbers and COVID in the mix there is no telling where you will be. But entrepreneurship makes you the owner and you don’t have to worry about being unemployed.

8. Opportunity for Income (Become a Millionaire)

Future Millionaire

As we all know, world is changing rapidly and so is the price of everyday items. The economy is so volatile, and no amount seems to be enough. That is why everybody has to get a secondary source of income. Entrepreneurship will create you the opportunity of another source of income while changing the lives of many.

9. I can, I will

I can I will

This is the kind of attitude that really sets you apart from the crowd. If you have a “go to” attitude and not afraid to roll up your sleeves and work for what you believe, you have already taken the first step towards entrepreneurship.

10. Gives you the satisfaction


I have seen many people doing the work they resent, they have huge potential and great ideas but for some reason they are stuck to their cubicle and cannot seem to find a way out of it. Life is short and we must make the most of it. By doing a job that you love, gives you the satisfaction and that will be a huge impact in whatever you do. 

11. Networking


Entrepreneurs are social creatures. They love to meet new people, feel proud to say what they do, swap stories, and gain knowledge from each other’s experience. This could be a potential customer, a fellow business owner, a future investor or simply anyone. You’ll always be making new friends and acquaintances whom you can share your challenges.

12. Becoming an expert

Hustle, Grind and Shine

Being an entrepreneur gives you the time to become an expert in the field. Regardless of what you do as an entrepreneur, if you stick long enough, you will become knowledgeable in even the complex issues of the subject. Engage your Hustle mode, grind your mind and shine like a diamond (Hustle, grind and shine).

13. Doing good things ahead

Good things ahead

Not the last reason to become an entrepreneur but not the least. It is a perk of being the owner of your business, you decide what to do with the gains. You can donate to a charity or fund a non-profit or do anything that you seem fit.



It is largely understood that running a business is no small feet and hell of a risk to invest money, effort, time, and literally everything into it. If you are short on investment, you will be playing multiple roles.

But, it all matters when looking at the bigger picture. The small amount of sacrifice that you do now will create a legacy that will stay for the ages and will to make your dreams come to true.

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