Best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your other (better) half

Valentine’s day is much more than a pair of teenagers planning for a date. It is one of the biggest festivals, the celebration of hearts and roses with your loved ones. Do you know why people gift? It is because, act of gift giving emphasizes the meaning of love.

Now, let’s make this Valentine’s day special by showing your partner how much he/she means to you with gifts.

Valentine Apparel

There is a special clothing piece for everyone! Everyone has different likes and comforts when it comes to clothes, and who knows it better than your better half. So, surprise your partner with the piece of clothing that defines them as a person.

In Weyday, we have designs that reflects your partner’s personality and likes. Visit our themes and gift your partner.



Who doesn’t love chocolates, right? Chocolates are a little packet of joy bring sweetness to both the giver and the receiver. Pour your heart out to your other half by showing how much you love them with a Premium box of chocolate.

Couple’s Watch

Couples wearing the same watch might sound a little cliché, but admit it, it’s still romantic. It is perfect for couples who have similar tastes. If you want to look cool and classy, couples watch is the best gift for the Valentine’s day.

DIY of ‘Why you love him/her’

A little “Do It Yourself” gift is always so heart touching and personal. It shows that the person has really poured their heart in making a gift for you. All you have to think of some way to show your love and appreciation by penning down all the reasons “Why you love” and drop it in a box/jar. That’s it!

Tickets to the favorite movie/show

If there is one thing that makes him/her happy is surprising them with a gift for their favorite actor’s movie or for a longing show. Based on the person’s interest it can be a movie, a talk show, a comic, or anything that shows that you are special.

A Weekend Getaway

Nothing works better than a Weekend Getaway with your loved ones. Spend some quality time alone and get to know each other again.

A Hobby Kit

When you show pay attention to every small detail of your other half, you know their interests and likes. Prepare a basket filled with gift items and surprise them for this Valentine’s day. A touch of personalization shows how much you know about each other.

Go a little extra mile on Valentine’s day this year and give the best gift that the other person deserves. The mentioned list of Valentine’s day gift ideas is perfect to make him/her feel ecstatic on this wonderful day!

Happy Valentine’s day!

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