Designs only serious animal lovers would wear!

Human beings as “Homo Sapiens” have huge connections with animals. As per “Theory of Evolution”, humans were evolved from two-legged monkeys. Since ancient times animals have played a huge role as a companion, there are studies that shows even in Stone Age pets were kept.

Now-a-days dogs and cats are the most common household pets and there are other exotic birds and animals that are kept are pets by many animal lovers across the world.

We have designed several t-shirts to bring out the animal lover inside you. These are some of the designs you’ll love if you are a serious animal lover.


Master Panda

We all know how a big hit the movie “Master” was. In fact, it is the highest grossing film at the time of its release for almost a week. One of the iconic scenes of the movie is the faceoff between JD (Vijay) and Bhavani (Vijay Sethupathi), we tried to recreate the scene with cute pandas.

Womens tshirt panda lovers

Hey You, Group Panda

Pandas are the cutest animals there is. More than million people watches panda’s live cam footage. Pandas are the most loved non-pet animal, and we created this wonderful group panda t-shirt for the panda lovers.

men and women tshirt panda lovers

Bestie Squad

What do we live for? To live a happy life and share it with others. Who do we share it with? None other than our friends. Friends are the lifeline and driving force for many including myself. Best friends can turn a bad day into the best. Such friends are hard to come by. This design is for those who you spend your life with as a bestie.

bestie squad women t shirt


Home Dog

Dogs are the most lovable, dependable and loyal partners. Dogs understand human emotions and be a sensitive about it. They try to lighten the mood by playing with you and increases your happiness by being with you constantly. Dogs can sense your arrival and pounce on you to welcome you to the house. It’s always a good feeling that someone welcomes you to home with the same enthusiasm everyday, so we created this wonderful Home Dog design. It says that wherever the dog is your home.

home dog women t shirt


Dogs are the cute furry friends that greet us everyday with their slimy mouth by licking all over our face. They talk to us through their cute “Woof Woof…” language and ask us for treats, cookies, food, etc. this design is an imagination of a dog talking about you in their own language.

girl with dog t shirt

Dog Paww

Dogs are the best, they are a great companion to us and protect us. At the same time, dogs are so playful, they make mess all around. They tend to play in the mud outside and make their paw prints all over the house. This is a Paw print inspired design for dog lovers.

dog paw women t shirt

Cat Thug Life

Cats are smart and intelligent animals who gets their way being cute. Cat Thug life is a design inspired by the cats with their cute little face and actions gets milk and purred by their owners whenever they want.

cat thug life women t shirt

Hello kitty Mask

Women and Girls are among the most cat lovers. They like to spend time with their cats in feeding them, talking to them, dressing them up, etc. This is a kitty mask design that you’ll love to wear when you are with your cat.

hello kitty face women t shirt

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